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In Kauksi at the northern shore of the Peipsi lake (Europe's 3rd biggest) you can find probably the best
beach in the area. Although the water isn't that clean (at the Russian side are hardly any sewage plants)
you should not be afraid to take a swim. Local campers even brush their teath with the water!

There are two simple but clean camping sites near the lake.

If you go further on the road to Mustvee you will find a lot of farmers sitting at the road to sell their harvest.
Estonian vegetables are really delicious!

Mustvee is a nice little town with a huge amount of churches compared to it's small size. Visit the lady in the small tourist office!

She will explain everything to you!

One remarkable fact in the area around the Peipsi lake is that since many centuries Estionians and Russians live
here together without tensions and in an equal distribution. This makes a nice impression!