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Travelling to Estonia - Part 2

After returning home from my first trip to Estonia I realized that I had to come back. All this fascinating experiences in such a short time were simply not enough. I started to feel "homesick" when I thought about Estonia.

At that point I decided to look for a summer job during the next summer. I started to do some research about job oportunities and - believe it or not - I started to learn Estonian! It took me many month to find a study book for this exotic language and some more month to find a teacher in my area. Finally, I persuaded the secretary of the Estonian Honorary Consulate to give me lectures...

In March 1999 I came for the second time to Estonia. It was just for two days in order to negotiate about my summerjob with the Estonian furniture producer Jalax. I came by boat from Finland ( the sea was partly frozen then) and back home I took the plane from Ülemiste Airport in Tallinn (at that time under reconstruction, it re-opened just in December 1999).

Unfortunately I have no pictures from that stay. But as you can imagine my negotiations were successful and I got the job in Estonia for the whole summer - a dream became reality!

The next pictures are all from my stay in the summer of 1999 - July 12th until October 1st.

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