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A little paradise called Estonia...
(which I visited in summer '98)

In July 1998 I went on the longest trip I've ever been on. It took me in 3½ weeks almost 9.000 km from the Netherlands through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and the Åland Islands. This episode deals with the most exiting part of my trip: Eesti (Estonia).

That's the first view most people get from Estonia: Tallinn from the seaside. On the hill you can see the silhoutte of the old town ("Vana Tallinn").

Even if you probably can't afford it: you should take a look into the probably most beautiful hotel in the world: Park Consul Schlössle Hotel in Pühavaimu street (old town Tallinn). This picture shows the lobby!

If you ask politely the personnel will give you a guided tour through the hotel!

This traffic sign exists probably nowhere else than in Estonia. It means "here public internet access for free" and can be found even in the smallest towns.

Here you can see a traditional Estonian dress (on the woman of course). And a part of one of the famous 'Angla windmills' in the north of the island Saaremaa.

By the way: I'm not dressed that sloppy all the time...

When you go on such along trip you need reliable companions: my friend Rasmus (better known as DJ Limit) from Tallinn (left) ...

... and my car, which had not the slightest defect during the whole time ... (by the way: it hasn't been that clean always)

The camping you can see on the picture in Mändjala (near Kuressaare) is not very recommendable. There is a much nicer one on Saaremaa at the Karujärv lake near Kärla.

Horseriding in Tori (near Pärnu): Tori horses are an own race and famous all over Estonia. It was really fun to go for a ride there. This girl could instruct me even in German! And the horse was really fast.

Sunset in middle Estonia (on the way from Viljandi to Tartu). What a beauty!

Here's a little something about Viljandi: If you go there, check out the 'Viljandi kohvik' in Lossi Street Number 31. One of the best restaurants in Estonia for reasonable prices! Fish specialities!

About Pärnu and Viljandi you can find no pictures here. Unfortunately on the day we visited that two towns, the wheather was not that nice.

Pärnu is also called the "summer capital" of Estonia because it has the longest beach in the Baltics. The camping of the rowing club on the riverside is full of mosquitos though.

Viljandi is surely worth a visit too, with nice old wooden houses and an ancient castle.

The next few pics are about to Tartu, one of the oldest cities in Baltics...

A nice contrast between traditional and modern elements...typical for Estonia.

That red-brick building in the back is renovated nicely and contains in the ground floor the best book-store in Tartu and in first floor the well-known 'Wilde's Irish Pub' (nice atmosphere)

The market place of Tartu...feel the old spirit!

The other face of Estonia...

This picture is funny maybe only for German people because German police cars look similar and 'Politsei' means also police in German - just spelled a little bit different.

Estonian police is very sophisticated and guarantees a safe stay in Estonia - by day and night!

No,no! I am not an army freak... this is where I spend my time in Tallinn.

No,no! I am not kidding, these are barraks of the former Sowjet troops - now used by Estonian army.
My friend Rasmus lives there so I stayed at his place!

Ok, I've seen better parties. But it's an interesting experience to go to a big event abroad!

Much better: Club 'Dekoltee' in Tallinn ... the best discotheque in Estonia, if not in whole Eastern and Northern Europe!!

I hope you enjoyed this virtual holliday to Estonia!