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Curriculum Vitae


Name: Julius F. A. Krüger (click here to see a picture of me)
Address: Heinrich Lembergstraße 24
D- 45472 Mülheim an der Ruhr
Federal Republic of Germany
Telefone: + 49 - 179 - 39 73 252
Date of birth: December 1st 1974
Place of birth: Groß-Gerau (Germany)
Maritial status: single
Nationality: German
Familiy: Dr. Arnd Krüger, professor
Dr. Barbara Krüger, high-school-teacher
one sister, one brother
School career:
1981 - 1984 Primary school (‘Grundschule’) in Waake (Kreis Göttingen; Germany)
1984 - 1986 Junior High School (‘Orientierungsstufe’) in Göttingen (Germany)
1986 - 1992 High School (‘Gymnasium’) in Göttingen (Germany) until 12th year;
finished with the ‘Fachhochschulreife’ degree
1993 - 1994 13th year at the ‘Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium’ High School in Göttingen (Germany);
finished with the ‘Allgemeine Hochschulreife’ (Abitur) degree
University carreer:
1994 - 1997 Study business economics (‘Betriebswirtschaftslehre’) at the Universität-GH Essen
(Germany) up to intermediate degree (‘Vordiplom’)
August 1997- June 1998 Participant of the European exchange program (ERASMUS) with the
‘Rijksuniversiteit Groningen’ in the Netherlands
since October 1998 Continuing the business economics studies at the Universität-GH Essen
Apprenticeships, placements and other practical job experiences:
August 1992 - July 1993 Apprenticeship as a Cartographer at ‘Falk Verlag für Landkarten und
Stadtpläne GmbH’
in Hamburg (Germany)
November 1994 -August 1997 Working for ‘OPTEC GmbH’ in Essen (Germany) as a bookkeeper and
in other functions
August 1996 - August 1997 Working for ‘Valid Research GmbH’ in Bielefeld (Germany) as a market researcher
October 1996 -February 1997 Working at the faculty of economics at the Universität-GH Essen as a tutor for
first semester students
August 1998 - October 1998 Placement at the marketing department of the German-Dutch Chamber of commerce
in Den Haag (Netherlands)
since November 1998 Working for ‘Valid Research GmbH’ in Bielefeld (Germany) as a market researcher
Language skills:
German mother tongue
English fluent - IELTS diploma ‘academic version’ of the University of Cambridge achieved
in August 1997
Dutch (Netherlands) fluent
Italian basic knowledge
Other skills:

Driving licence for vehicles up to 7,5 t

Computer skills

since April 1994

Confident with all kinds of windows-applications, such as
word-processing-programms (e.g. MS Word, Corell Word Perfect,
Lotus Ami Pro), spreadsheet programms (e.g. MS Excel, Lotus 1,2,3).

Confident with the use of the internet, all kinds of browsers (e.g. Netscape Navigator,
MS Internet Explorer) and e-mail programms (e.g. Netscape mail, Pegasus, Pine, Elm).

Programming skills in HTML.



Travelling, cars/motorsport, cooking, stock markets, ice-hockey, music, internet,
horseback riding, architecture/design.